Wade Stringfield
Bio: I'm not trying to push  material on here, but am just giving EXAMPLES of a few things and Making myself AVAILABLE FOR HIRE...
I appreciate your support of my networking ....
I am a full time Musician of many years.... 
with Respect to You , Myself and My Work ....... 
Wade Stringfield ® , ,

Equipment List

​17ft Box Truck

Roland Electronic V-Drums TD-5

Gibson Les Paul &...
PRS (Paul Reed Smith)
​Takamine Acoustic/Electric
​Les Paul Custom Pro

Ibanez 5 String 

Marshall DSL 100
Marshall TSL 2000 
Marshall MA 100\
Marshall AVT 2000
2 x Marshall Full Stacks + 1 Half Stack

***BASS AMP***
Hartke 3500 Hartke Full Stack __
3 cabs @ 1X4/10's ,2X 2/15's w/horns


Yamaha MOTIF 7 W/ (Leslie Simulator)
1962 B-3/C-3 w/ 22R Leslie
1965 Hammond E-311
Yamaha KX 88
Vintage 1990 76 key Ensoniq Piano
Roland SC 55 & Roland Boss tone Generator

DOLLY ! ...LOL....

Email ......        wade@wadestringfield.com
 I am simply an instrumentalist fully equipped with all pro gear of my instruments. I do not sing , but am an aggressive entertainer sharing the stage with like-wise band-mates !!! I don't drink or used any drugs. I have been hiring out as a "hired gun" & session player but I would prefer a full time working position to bond with an established show !  

Los Angeles, California
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